Since Sass and Snarl launched a month ago… I cannot believe the amount of love we have received! I’m sure you all know by now but if you don’t, I started Sass and Snarl because I was fed up of talent in the music industry going unnoticed! I was fed up of seeing the lack of diversity in such a creative space and with our generation quickly taking over, I couldn’t just sit back and let it repeat. So, with hardly any experience but with a lot of built up passion I decided to launch, I’m still not sure what you’d call it, an organisation? A business? Right now, I’m just sticking to side hustle, but it is mine, it teaches self-worth, it fights for equality, and it is a safe space to build a bigger and more powerful music industry.

Thank you for all the support and all of your lovely messages. I also want to say thank you to @BhamBNails, @wearePINS and @ShellZenner for wanting to be in our Instagram Lives and talk about your amazing journeys. Thank you to Jon and Maggie for letting me co-host on BBC Radio Glos and share Sass and Snarl. I have loved building this network of talented women, it might be small, but it is definitely mighty.

All I can say is I’m going to keep building campaigns, teaching self-promotion and supporting talent in our industry! So please keep sharing! I still have so much work to do. I’m still building my branding, my website, my network but this is a marathon not a sprint.

Thank you all so much!



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