Our first ever campaign! Encouraging shameless self-promotion is one of our main aims at Sass and Snarl. In the music and creative industries, it is so necessary, especially when women and ethic minority backgrounds are not getting the representation. We want to teach you about the time when you should forget about being modest, the times you should forget about being humble. Now I am not saying to go grab our megaphone and to shove it down everybody’s throats, I know they define it as a bit aggressive, but like not that.. A huge part of doing self-promotion PROPERLY that people don’t realise is actually supporting others. If you can support others, you can support yourself. But if you just support yourself, it is not going to work.

The point in our campaign was to get noticed whilst at home and to share work and talent that deserves attention! Each day we post a form on our story asking a different question! So, Monday was what achievement are you proud of and why? I have loved hearing your responses and seeing all of the projects you are working on. A huge bit of feedback I have got back from people who have taken part in the campaign is that it feels good to be unapologetic about their achievements and give themselves a shout out for once. Self-Promotion truly is a form of self-care that we can all adopt into our professional careers as well as personal lives. Know your worth, be proud of what you do and just don’t stop!

We will definitely be doing similar campaigns again and for our first campaign in lockdown whilst we’re still all confined to our houses, I am so happy to see how many people got involved and enjoyed joining the Sass and Snarl community. Thank you so much for supporting our Sass and Snarl journey, we have so many huge plans and ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. All I can say is keep it up! Don’t stop now! Keep up with our Instagram to find more self-promotion tips and career advice purely to help you to breakthrough into the music industry!

A lot of people started messaging me telling me that they haven’t started anything yet or they’re not sure what they want to do. If you are feeling the same, please message me! We can talk over email, dm’s, over the phone… I am here to help. You need to start now, done is better than perfect! Trust me, everybody is bluffing it. A huge part that might be stopping yourself from taking that leap is comparing yourself to others. Our platform is aimed at a younger demographic, so we see a lot of people in the same situation. You are not alone, sometimes you just have to do a bit of everything before you figure it all out and we can help you start!

Find our Instagram for more,


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