At Sass and Snarl we can’t get enough of championing creatives and people following their curiosity and SHEWOLF is exactly that. We spoke to Founder Kate Carrau about her forward thinking and innovative blog and podcast that sets to empower creatives that break down barriers and challenge the status quo. You can find fashion, music, art and many more in all different types of pretty pastels with interviews with Band of Skulls, Jade Emperor and Amaroun. In this interview we speak about new talent, crazy experiences and some great organisation tips!

What made you start the blog?

So, I started the blog after having to quit my dream job in fashion because I became extremely ill with glandular fever and suffering a nasty infection after my endometriosis operation. I was in a bit of a sorry state and even though I was being told to rest up, I couldn’t just sit there day in, day out doing absolutely nothing. There’s only so many documentaries I could watch haha. I began to think about what creative things could I do, I was painting as it was but I wanted to do something that might push me into a new direction considering I knew it would be a long time til I could start working full time again. I decided to start a blog where I could write about everything I was passionate about and one documentary I’d come across during this time, was about the so-called “shewolves” of history and this got me thinking about the purpose of this blog. Being a SHEWOLF is anything but a bad thing, in fact it’s about being able to strike out on your own or with a pack of like-minded individuals, and being true to yourself and I started to think about the women who have influenced me as I grew up and how in a way they too were shewolves. I wanted to reclaim the name from the old ways and bring it into the new, plus my mother’s family name is Woulfe and it’s always resonated with me, so it all fitted together very nicely! 

What sets you apart from other blogs?

I would say the fact that I champion the creatives I write about is what sets me a part from other blogs. I am a firm believer in community and that’s what I bring, I’ve been told many times that I’m really able to get into the minds of the artists I talk about and I’m able to get their thoughts and ideas out there so well. I bring something different to the table, this blog isn’t about myself and it is in no way skin deep, yes I put my art out there but other than that? I don’t like to talk about myself per say, for me, it’s about giving a platform to the people who are changing the world, one song at a time, one painting at a time, one garment at a time, one campaign at a time. 

Your favourite part of doing what you do?

Meeting and talking to new people! Any new band I come across or contacts me just gives me such a buzz! I love listening to new music and seeing the talent out there! The podcast really did bring this alive for me and I’m just itching to get it back up and running again so I can get everyone into the studios and really have a damn good chat! 

What new talent should we be looking at?

 Oh there are so many!! Honestly the underground movement is well and truly booming right now! One artist I’ve been loving recently is Amaroun. She’s 100% someone to look out for. Every single song she’s released this year has been an absolute banger and I know she’s going to make it huge. She has released a song each month so far this year which is a journey into her life coming out. Its such a beautiful way of telling a story that’s so important, whilst making music that just makes you want to move!

What content have you been loving?

Content wise, I am really loving the work that Gina Martin does. I love her Vitamin P stories which I tune into daily because it give me LIFE! It’s where she collates all these really lovely tik tok videos that just put a smile on my face, and with how intense things are right now, I believe it’s so vital to have some spaces within that where you can breath, and Gina’s platform is so great for that. She also talks about subjects that really matter and her latest podcast with her sister Stevie is just brilliant!! It’s called, “Might Delete Later” and it’s all about the ups and downs of social media. 

I grew up as a music journalist and I know we all have some pretty crazy stories, what’s your favourite story/experience to tell?

 Oh there are so many stories!! I’ve been hanging out in the music scene since I was an early teen, running away to London every weekend. One time I was at a gig in London with my friend and her older sister who was seeing a certain rock star, even though he was with a massive celebrity at the time, but it was a mad night. I met Amy Winehouse who was SO lovely and really did make the room light up. I remember looking out of a window to hear someone shouting and it was the girlfriend of the said rock star in another room along the hall, she was pouring wine out of the window. I was expecting a tv next but that didn’t happen thankfully haha. It was one hell of a night and a little insight to the British music scene at the time which didn’t deter me one bit.

Do you have any advice for young journalists wanting to start their own blog?

One piece of advice I’d give to starting a blog, is to only stick to subjects you’re super passionate about. Do not follow the status quo and trust in what you do. If you lose trust in yourself, then you won’t like what you’re doing. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years time I will have my mini empire. Yes I am manifesting here…but I have huge plans for SHEWOLF. In 10 years time, the clothes I design will be everywhere, the gig nights I plan to do next year will be known as the most notorious nights in London, bringing the underground to the foreground. It’s all about moving the platform forward, to bigger heights. I hope I have a shop by then, a creative hub that everyone and anyone hangs out in and where those who work for SHEWOLF are paid a salary, and be able to learn every aspect of running a business. The more experience I learn, the more I can pass on and that’s paramount to me, when it comes to employing people, I want them to thrive, not just survive for the sake of having to pay rent and bills. I want SHEWOLF to be a stepping stone for anyone involved. 

What’s your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is SHEWOLF, I’ve created this platform off my own back. I’ve hustled to get the studio spaces I need for free, I’ve not expected to get paid for the work I do but I do it because I love it and I know down the line this is going to be a huge success and be the key to my dream life which is full of creativity and opportunities. It’s been so exciting so far. Challenging, but exciting. I always knew I was going to do my own thing whatever that may be and the fact I can say I’m doing it? That’s my proudest achievement. 

How you keep on top of your blog? Any organisation tips?

I have a big board which has all the topics I talk about and I have them presented in a monthly calendar. It’s basically a guide line for content so I don’t get bogged down in what to do because I have it right there infront of me. I also figured out when posts are most likely to be seen etc via insights on Instagram and Squarespace and that’s helped out massively to get out the most of my content, plus I use Preview App to test out all of my content to make sure it all looks beautiful before I post on Instagram. I like to make sure I have interviews ready at least 2 weeks in advance too. I find the more organised you are, the easier it is to run the blog without feeling overwhelmed. 

The biggest lesson you’ve learnt from doing your blog

It’s SO easy to tell yourself you’re doing a bad job because you see so many other creatives getting their numbers up by just posting a photo of themselves (granted they look cool AF) but it’s easy to tell yourself that your work really doesn’t matter. But it does, I’ve had moments where I’ve really felt like I was failing and then I’ve received a message from someone saying how much they love and appreciate my work. Give yourself time, patience is the key with all of this. 

The most inspiring story you have heard

The most inspiring story I’ve heard personally (because there are so many stories of people I admire who have incredible stories and I’ve written about them on the herstory section of the blog…yes shameless plugin there) is the story about a family friend called Jack. He was someone my parents really looked up to when I was growing up and I considered him pretty much like a grandfather. He was a survivor of Auschwitz and he always loved to tell stories. Although, there’s one story he didn’t tell me, my father and Jack’s wife did…Jack escaped Auschwitz when was 7 years of age. The last person he saw was his sister being murdered by the Nazis. The rest of his family had already been murdered or taken away at the beginning of their time at Auschwitz. The last time he saw his sister, he knew he had to escape. He knew he was going to be next whenever the Nazis felt like it and that could be at any moment. He managed to find a sharp object and cut a small hole in a fence that same evening, managing to squeeze through the wires and make a run, a run a for his life. He ran through a wooded area and he didn’t stop. Severely malnourished, he fainted by a lake and was awoken by a man and a woman who had a boat. He didn’t speak Polish, he was German but the couple clearly knew where he had come from and from what he could tell, they wanted to help him. This the first help he’d had in a long time so understandably he was hesitant. Cut a long story short, the couple helped him with food and new clothes back at their home and then he ran away again, fearing that the Nazis would find him or the couple would soon turn him in. Bit by bit, each day he travelled, by foot, through Germany, into Nazi occupied France and then managed to get a boat over to the UK by the end of the war. During this time he was pretty much homeless, living off of scraps, meeting kind souls who now and again helped him but also witnessing some dark things and always being aware that he could end up back right where he started. By the time he was almost 9 he had made it into the UK. You’d never know speaking to him that he had gone through this, he was always so cheery and knew how to make everyone smile and to know this was his story? This is how his life began? It makes me break inside but, the fact he did that, and was still able to not let this world swallow him whole and he would go onto become a successful businessman, and have a beautiful family? That’s inspirational to me, he’s my hero. 

The weirdest thing you have done for your blog

 I haven’t really done anything weird per say for my blog but, one thing I would say was weird is getting comfortable with interviewing people who aren’t really interested in being there. This has happened only the one time which I am very thankful for, but it was a massive lesson in knowing how to keep a conversation moving when the person would rather be anywhere but…It was a very strange experience but I think it was a necessary.

How is the podcast different to your blog?

The podcast is a more in-depth way of getting to know creatives on a more personal level. Like I said before, I love talking to new people and not the small chat kind, but talking deeply and getting to the nitty gritty of their industries and careers, as well as having a right laugh at the same time. It’s a chance for the SHEWOLF audience to be inspired further to create their own lane in life too, to give them the reality of what it is to be a creative. 

We love your cute totes? Will we be seeing n more in the future?

Ah thank you so much!! That means a hell of a lot! Yes, there’s SO much to come from the arts and fashion side of SHEWOLF. I have a sustainable upcycled fashion collection launching in September and I will soon have my art being sold on some local places in London which I am so excited about! Next year I will be launching some pop-up store events too. So in the words of Penny-Lane…It’s all happening!!



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