Last week Sass and Snarl spoke to the CEO of music development and business support agency, Generator NE. With a focus on emerging music and the digital transformation of our industry, their projects Tipping Point and the Digital Union are supporting the talent of the North East by hosting bootcamps, masterclasses, networking meet ups and business programmes and coaching. By Generator applying their innovative business strategies they help individuals and businesses of all sizes to achieve success.

Appointed as CEO in February this year, Matterson has had the challenges of taking on the pressures of a new role whilst battling a global pandemic. As the industry started to crumble and both us as businesses and as individuals started to suffer, Generator knew the importance of helping their region and took action to help the community around them. So, with an impressive start to Matterson’s role as CEO, we wanted to speak about her transition into the agency, her thoughts on fighting the lack of representation in our industry and what we can be doing as creatives to stand out.

Hannah Matterson

Born and bred in Sunderland, Matterson started her new position with the mission to help artists in the North East. Hannah Matterson spoke about the pressures of stepping into the role whilst facing something all too common within this industry, Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is where self-doubt can override feelings of success to make you feel like a fraud. Matterson told us that although becoming CEO is her proudest achievement, this self-doubt made it harder to know if she was suited as CEO and so having a number of strong female leaders in her working career made handing in the application a little easier and that “you don’t get if you don’t try”. The influence of a supportive community is second to none and can truly show us that nothing is impossible. Whilst on the conversation of women in the music industry, Matterson spoke about asking the question of what someone is proud of and having that element of self-promotion can be uncomfortable, especially for women. When women aren’t getting the credit they deserve, no one sees the potential they can have so it is essential to encourage and guide them onto the next step. Matterson told us that there needs to be more of a balance and understanding about were inequalities lie.

Hannah Matterson’s experience is extensive from fundraising to event developing and with a passion to help artists and communities be the best they can be, we are so excited to see the impact her work with Generator will have. If you have attended our How To Sell Your Soul Workshop where we show young creatives how to fulfil their purpose without sacrificing their passion, you would have heard about all the work the organisation sets out to do for emerging young talent as their programmes are aimed at young and new artists, practitioners or businesses. Matterson told us that they are always looking for the next generation of our industry who are looking to be better and bring the challenge so they can achieve more.

With our Future CEO campaign about to start back up, we loved speaking to an actual CEO about her role and experience! With the inspiring incentive to go build a strong community, follow our curiosity and to empower the women around us, we can’t wait to follow the success of Generator!

Find their website here:

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