Founded by Keely Liptrot, Sass and Snarl is a platform that helps you invest in yourself and the future of the Music Industry. With women being under represented in the industry and a lack of knowledge surrounding self promotion, so much amazing talent is going unnoticed.

This is where we can help! No longer will you shy away from networking, pitching for yourself and supporting the women around you. That’s right it’s time to get involved and start that hustle.

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Hiya! I’m Keely and I’m desperately trying to get into the Music Industry (hello to the recruitment team that might be reading this). I’m a musician, music business student and if you didn’t know already. Founder of Sass and Snarl. When I was 14, I set up my first blog and actively ran around Manchester to interview as many bands and see as much as much live music as I could! From there I became a bit obsessed with stopping the talent of the music industry going to waste and that’s why I started Sass and Snarl.

As a young woman in music, the lack of representation is really a slap in the face. To be fair I should have realised sooner as I went through seven male guitar teachers as a kid and was the only girl in my tech class. but with Sass and Snarl I aim to help build a cultural shift so when it’s us taking over the music industry, we’re not just a box ticking exercise.

I understand change isn’t going to be made through boring workshops of the same issue being complained about but more the next generation giving everything they’ve got which is why we not only need to be investing in the future of the music industry but also ourselves!

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