I woke up at 5:30am, got ready, packed everything from the checklist I did the night before. Checked my schedule I had made for the day and got the first 94U bus into Cheltenham. Me and my boyfriend arrived in Cheltenham at about 8 o’clock and arrived early to the room I had booked which then didn’t let us in. Assuming that because we were just 15 minutes early that that was why it was still locked we waited until our COVID test and then tried again but it still wouldn’t work. This was around 9o’clock so I then started looking for the tech team and the front desk but no one was in so we came back to try one last time and it finally let us in.

This then gave me enough time to triple-check all of the links, send out an email to our attendees and prepare myself. We started the day with a welcome where I introduced the day and told people about why we were putting this event on! After this we started with our first panels where we had to start the practice sessions, wait for the panellists to come in, check that they were all happy and hand them over the host controls so they can then start when they are ready!

The only issue we had of the day was that one panellist was late to join which disrupted the first ten minutes. After that had all been sorted, I made sure not remind the hosts to make sure everyone was in before they started.

At 12:10pm, we did our networking session which was really fun and really great to meet everyone and I have had a lot of encouragement to do more in the future!

We then carried on with the rest of the panels, I hosted one of the last panels which was really fun and then I finished with our closing. Also, throughout the day, I was updating our socials with stories of the event! When it had finished, we cleaned the room and then took the bus back to Gloucester. When I arrived at home, I made sure to send a thank you email to everyone and actually for the first time in the day.

As I couldn’t see exactly who joined and how many people were in what session, I was able to look at the amount of views on our website. The attendees could only access the link via the link I sent in their email ticket, this link then went to our website on a page only they could access. Overall, we had over a 100 visitors and 500% more views than average which meant that all of the attendees had checked in and watched a few of the panels! People viewed this from Italy, the USA, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Pakistan showing how our global community came to our event!

If I had to do it again, I would leave some time for a lunch break, have a backup option if the room wouldn’t let me in again and make sure that all the panellists were in on time!


Here you can see our attendees joining our event. We put all of the zoom links on our site for them to join and sent the link to this page that only they would have access to them in an email. As Sass and Snarl is a global community, it was really great to see so many people from across the world come to view the event.


As soon as Megan sent me the link to the Mixcloud, I posted across socials and sent an email out to our attendees. Most of the DJs decided to do prerecorded sets so Megan had full control over the stream to monitor any audio, connection or video issues.

Shortly before Megan started there was issues with OBS as it couldn’t broadcast the audio from the media sources to Mixcloud. Eventually Megan found that there was a setting wrong in the advanced audio presets which meant that the monitoring was on and it was blocking the audio from broadcasting.

Megan quickly overcame this tech issue just in time for the event to start. On the Mixcloud you could see Megan interacting with the viewers in the chat. At one point they had about 20 listeners and 200+ listeners overall which is what we expected from using Mixcloud.

I watched throughout the day and made sure I was still posting. The quality of the stream and video quality was really good and the sound was amazing. But in the 5th set at about 45 mins in, Megan’s wifi at home stopped working and the stream temporarily stopped but Megan said with Mixcloud she was able to keep the stream going by posting a connection error screen until she could get it up and running again.

Overall the stream was really impressive and a great way to spend a Saturday!


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