I run a small community of young creatives desperate to get into the music industry. Knowing this community and it’s needs influenced me to build a conference that was suited to the future of the music industry. This element influenced many of our decisions and I found it important to directly ask the SaS community about what they wanted. Here you can see the responses:

From these responses we decided that it was important to build an all-female line-up to show representation as well as have a focus on the different careers available in the music industry.

DJ Showcase

In October I posted a post on the Sass and Snarl community page where I asked our followers to shout out about their recent achievements and projects they’re working on. One of these comments was by, JRE, an incredible DJ trying to get the recognition she deserves. As we believe in spotlighting talent, especially female talent, I asked JRE to do a one-off virtual show with us and it was so good! So, when I spoke to Megan and she spoke about her idea of having a DJ Showcase featuring an all-female line-up, I couldn’t say no!



A huge influence for this conference was the AIM SYNC conference which featured 50 industry professionals from across the music industry and hosted 2 Virtual Arenas full of panels and talks as well as listening and networking sessions. I loved the ability to dip in and out of discussions and have the decision to schedule a full day that suits me. I wanted to build this for our own conference as I think this is more interactive and also allows more important discussions to go on.

I came up with the name “The Revolution Will Be Televised” as a shout out to my favourite album Loud Hailer by Jeff Beck where the first track is The Revolution Will Be Televised. Another anthem is “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron which I also took inspiration from for their want for change in the future and how it needs to happen now. I believe that as the next generation we have the power to change and that we can build the music industry but with the world being all virtual, I thought it was funny to name is as it ‘will be televised’.


Megan took inspiration from attending Fully Charged Promotions ‘Pink Stream Festival’ livestream on Facebook. They raised money for the pink ribbon foundation which inspired us to fundraise for important charities to us: KeyChange and Vibe Excel. I think it’s really important to show off the incredible female talent and Megan agreed so we put together a full lineup of women currently killing it in the music industry.



My music event management knowledge mainly focuses on workshops and networking therefore it seemed best to host the first day as a conference. Through running Sass and Snarl I’ve led interactive workshops and curated conferences and also with these having to be virtual due to the pandemic, I aim to use this knowledge to put together a conference for the Sass and Snarl community. Running my own platform has also given me experience with marketing and audience development which is helpful when building these events for them. Also, through running Sass and Snarl, I have built up my connections within the music industry which I can use to find speakers and organisations.

DJ Showcase

It was obvious to utilise Megan’s knowledge and skills in DJing, Livestreaming and tech for her to host the second day being a DJ Showcase. With Megan’s connections and experience, she can find talented DJ’s across different genres to build a diverse line-up. With Megan’s connections in Bristol, her DJ society, Staggered Events and more, this will be helpful to spread the word of the event and build interest.

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