The best part of this conference was the feedback we got! With comments like “I feel like I can take on the world after this” proved that we were achieving exactly what we set out to do. Find some of our feedback here:

Since announcing the event, Sass and Snarl has had great growth! From interest in future Sass and Snarl events to gaining almost 100 followers in a week (which is a lot compared to normal). This helps me build my brand and our community grow which is a really great add on to the event to help me with my future.

Obviously with the number of speakers we had for the conference, I was able to connect and work with some incredible women in the music industry. As well as this my LinkedIn has grown from connecting with huge names in the industry like Paul Pacifico (CEO of AIM) and Ammo Talwar MBE who I spoke to about the event. Being able to connect with industry professionals and people that really inspire me has allowed me to keep up my motivation to get into the music industry and actually learn more whilst I do it.

DJ Showcase

Being able to spotlight incredible talent in the music industry was our aim of the event and that is what we achieved!

From ticket donations and our Go Fund Me, we raised £83 to go to our chosen charities.  Neither of us thought we would get many donations so seeing people donate as they got tickets was really encouraging! We know that this money will help Vibe Excel put together their big project of putting books filled with inspiration stories of women in music into schools and this will also help KeyChange keep up the amazing work they do within our communities.




In the first panel, we had an issue with not everyone being able to join. Where are the Girl Bands had their two founders join the panel but unfortunately one of them joined late and couldn’t join as a panellist. I immediately sent her the panel link again as she had used the attendee link Girls Against had asked me for instead of the panel link that I had sent her. I knew why this happened because WATGB didn’t want to send me their individual emails and told me to just use their main email for the both of them. This taught me that in future I should just go with my gut and not let other people change my plans and structure. However, this could have just been resolved if they waited a big longer for her to figure out how to join but this would have meant that they would have started late. Overall it only disrupted the first ten minutes of the panel and she was able to join after that!

My other issue was that because I was using the university space, I had to book a room for early in the morning. When I came at 8:15 in the morning when the room was booked for, it wouldn’t unlock and as it was COVID their wasn’t many people available to help me but luckily after my COVID test at 8:30 when we returned just after 9, the door unlocked. To resolve this I should have booked the room earlier as I assume this was more of a last minute booking issue. In reality, we still had time to prepare and keep to our schedule, it was just a bit stressful to start the day with.


Just before the event started, Megan had an issue with the audio but managed to resolve it a minute before it went live. With Megan reacting so quickly and using her knowledge and practice she was able to resolve it without anyone noticing which was great but definitely caused some unneeded stress. In future, perhaps we could have done a test run an hour before.

An issue we had with both of the events was that the turnout was a lot less than we expected. In the conference, some panels were full and others were empty, we overcame this by allowing all the attendees 24-hour access to the recordings to make sure that they could catch up. But it would have been nice to have all the sessions full. With the DJ event, because we were using Mixcloud, we understand that we would get less traction rather than using a platform like Facebook. We still had a good turnout but I think if I had promoted this more to the right audience, more people might have tuned in.



Originally, I was planning to host the conference from my uni halls as that is where I am most comfortable but a few days before, we started having network issues which meant that I then booked the MuB room at university to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems.

A day before the event, one of our hosts dropped out because she was really ill. Because I grew up doing bits of journalism around Manchester, I’m really comfortable with doing interviews and as it was only a panel of 3 and I had booked them, all I had to do was write up a plan and update the panellists. With illness, you can’t really predict what will happen but I knew I was more than happy to step in if I needed to which is why it didn’t cause much stress or affect the panel.

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