Black owned businesses at the lighthouse centre is an indoor exhibition bringing all the small to medium black owned businesses together to network and support each other. As these are local business it makes this very unique to the area, the attendees vary on ticket sales. This creates a platform for ethnic specific products services and business owners . There is something for everyone: Children’s items, books, hair products, food, clothes, professional services and more. Also Funding/Investment workshops, live demos, fashion show and young entrepreneur workshops aged for 10 – 16.


Keswick Convention is a mainly indoor camp where 15,000 christians come from all over the world to gather in one village in the Lake District. There are different camps that act in a similar way to a festival, something relatively unique to other Christian events.


Manchester International festival takes artists from different art forms and backgrounds to come together to create dynamic, innovative and forward thinking new work. This is in person and online, allowing their 300,000 attendees to go to a diverse range of events. This placed in Manchester makes for a vast size of variety as it is an artistic led proposition to create projects on a large scale that are artist led and experimental. That as enabled the production of internationally renowned work that had, in turn, enabled a small Manchester community festival to have a global reputation.


Manchester pride is a celebration both on and offline of the LGBTQ+ Community. With 170,000 attendees, the Gay Village within the city creates a natural hub for the event. All profits and fundraising go towards LGBTQ+ projects run in Manchester.


The People’s History Museum exhibition is an indoor event that invites around 100,000 attendees. It holds one of the largest collections of political materian in Britain. No other local museum has ever come close in terms of matching the material used in the exhibition. The USP of the museum’s exhibition is it’s pieces, for example one of the largest suffragette collections in the UK.


Derek Jarman Protest is an indoor artistic exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. With up to 700,000 attendees, it is one of the first exhibitions on a film making in Manchester Art Gallery. With not only a collection of his film works but also his hobbies such as art and gardening. A collection of Derek Jarman’s work of this size has never been assembled into an exhibition. With never before seen work being donated.


Parklife Festival is an outdoor music festival hosting up to 80,000 attendees. Parklife is generally the only festival in the north west area, especially of its size. It’s also the only heavily pop based festival in the area, with the rest being either DJ or Indie based. It’s an independent festival based in the north of Manchester, with it being a non-camping festival it appeals mainly to locals leading to much more of a community feel to the festival.


On the trail of LS Lowry is an outdoor tour which varies in attendees depending on ticket sales. LS Lowry was arguably the most famous painter coming from Manchester, his depth of means that a tour like this is possible, there are no other artists hailing from Manchester that such a tour could be done for. The tour will not only explore his work but also the important places in his life and the spots where the painted some of his most impressive pieces. 

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