The Revolution Will Be Televised Events are a shout out to the next generation to help us pull together and build a better future for the music industry. As the next generation we have the power to build the industry that we want but only if we start putting our time, energy, effort and resources into it now. These events cover important panels and discussions as well as introducing the talent of the next generation.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is a mission to help us unite and build a better future for all. Addressing these global challenges is what we need to do to create change which is why I will be considering these issues that are affecting the music industry and try and push this to wider communities through these events. Many of these goals, I feel strongly to but for this event, two stand out most.

Addressed in goal 5, like for people across the world, gender equality is an issue in the music industry. Women and marginalised genders are underrepresented in festivals, orchestras, leadership positions and more. Reports such as The Seat At The Table as well as Vick Bain’s Diversity in the Music Industry research clearly shows This urgent situation demands urgent action. Talent is distributed evenly and yet opportunities are not, this is why for our events we’re putting women at the forefront. We are discussing the issues and the solutions and we’re giving the opportunity to showcase the talent that deserves to be recognised. These events will also be fundraising for KeyChange. KeyChange is an organisation that counts the discounted, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, KeyChange is a global network working towards a total restructuring of the music industry. By supporting KeyChange we aim for these events to have a long-lasting affect into the future and also to support these brilliant organisations doing great work to improve the gender divide in the music industry.

One fifth of young people are not in education, employment or training. As these events are for the young creatives in the music industry, we aim to follow Goal 8 to help the youth by providing discussions on careers and getting into the creative industries. If we’re building an event on the future then we need to have it as accessible as we can to the next generation which is why our event is free and donations are going to Vibe Excel. Vibe Excel is a charitable organisation recent founded by Lucy McCourt and these donations will go to their project to provide young children from primary and secondary education with the tools to pursue a career in the music industry. By supporting Vibe Excel we are directly impacting the younger generation in schools helping build not only a better future for the next generation but hopefully the one after that too.

Here we can support the girls in schools to pursue their passions and get the inspiration they need to succeed in music.

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