The best gig I have ever attended would have to be Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes at Alexandra Palace on the 15th of February 2020. Not knowing this would be my last gig for over a year, I’m glad that this was the gig I’d remember to be the last. I’ve seen Frank Carter a few times, the first being Download 2016 where I was 14 and had convinced my dad to let me stand right at the front not knowing what was about to unfold. Turns out everyone moving away from you during the build-up to Devil Inside of Me means that everyone is going to come and batter you. This was my first introduction to a pit.

I’d managed to convince my Tame Impala obsessed boyfriend to come with me. The same fear unravelled in his eyes just like mine 4 years earlier when the mosh pit emerged around us and became a big sweaty mush, this was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. But this wasn’t the only highlight of the night. Just walking into the epic space that is Alexandra Palace and how organised it was from the £1 bus that takes you there and back, the friendly security and quick coat drop off. They had managed to not only create the atmosphere of a great gig but also a festival. Before you entered the main arena, you were surrounded by food trucks and bars, even a small fake grass seating area which made everything so much more exciting before the music had even started.

So with everything top notch so far all that was left was the music. Frank Carter walked out like he was born to casually stand in front of 10,000 people. Followed by the rest of the band, Frank showed his true showmanship and elegance as a punk singer. Not many artists are willing to dive into a rowdy crowd of 10,000 and walk through it in order to just go give their mum a kiss.

A big part of this night that showed the quality of the event was when a poor lad face planted off his mates’ shoulders and was flat out. Straight away, the crowd got Frank’s attention, Frank immediately directed the lighting to the area and directed the paramedics to him making sure that everybody got out of their way. At the end, we were updated that the lad was all fine which was good and very reassuring. I think this proves that not only at a Frank Carter gig, the music is incredible but also the love among 10,000 people is so strong and that is what it’s all about.


For the last year I’ve been running my own small music community. As a young creative, I understand how desperate we all our to get our foot in the door of the music industry. Sometimes there seems like there’s no help, no opportunities, no support and only competition. From these young women’s lack of confidence, so much talent is going to waste and I decided it was my mission to spotlight this and build a community that can support each other. From the pandemic, everything has had to be online which has allowed our Instagram to keep growing. Because of this small community, I would love to host a big Sass and Snarl networking session so everyone can connect, set up collaborations and share. Being from Manchester and also being quite friendly with the wonderful ladies over at Feel Good Club and their brand-new café, this would be the perfect spot to bring our community to!

I’m a huge fan of Stefanie Sword Williams and her platform F*ck Being Humble. From her ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’ workshop, I decided to set up Sass and Snarl and launched it literally a week after I attended. Her motivation to help her followers succeed is something I’d love to incorporate into Sass and Snarl. As a young woman wanting to be in music, I know exactly how I can help the other young women around me to help build their portfolios and network so I would love to put on Sass and Snarl workshops to do this. In August I did my first workshop, How to Sell Your Soul, where I learnt a lot about how to keep people engaged and build promising results. From the first workshop, one girl thanked me a week later as she had just got her own radio show at her local station. A few months later, a girl thanked me as she just got an internship at Universal which is crazy! The feeling of being able to help young women like me is incredible and I really want to continue this! So, I’m thinking of doing workshops on how you can invest in yourself and the future of the music industry. I’d love to be able to get industry professionals to share their advice and give some insight so I’d also really love to do a few panels!

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